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USB Hub support for USB2512

Question asked by Phil Hochstetler on Oct 29, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2013 by EARL GOODRICH

I'm starting a project to integrate some new hardware that has a USB HUB (part is USB2512) to a K60 running MQX 3.8.  I tried plugging it into the USB port but no reaction from my code.  Has anyone tried this?  Any hints on where to go to start debugging the USB side to get this to work?   I need to accesses the GPIO pins on the USB2512 part as well as a FTDI chip attached to one of the ports.




Phil H.


Update:  After getting hardware to trace the USB bus, it was determined what the code error was and I did get it to work after patching the MQX code.  I still ran into some stability problems under stress so we abandoned this hardware strategy and removed the hub chip from our design.  I don't know if the patch will be in future MQX releases but I assume it will.