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Problem debugging in CW 8.8 (DSC)

Question asked by Lance Fisher on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2013 by Lance Fisher

I'm trying to build a project on my computer (Win 7 64bit) that was created on a different computer.  Both computers have CW 8.3 (About says 5.3, what's with that anyway?) but the tool was installed in a different folder on my computer.  The project builds without error but when I try to debug I get an error in a dialog box that says "Could not open config file" along with a lengthy path that ends with 568006_flash.cfg  The path begins with "c:\Program Files" which is where CW was installed on the other computer.  CW can't find the file because the installation on my computer is in  "c:\Program Files (x86)".  I suppose I could copy the Freescale folder from Program Files x86 to Program Files but is seems like there ought to be a way to debug a project created on a different computer without that kind of trickery.  Anyone know how to fix this easily/correctly?


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