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Updated CMSIS-DAP application

Discussion created by Ross Mcluckie Employee on Oct 17, 2013
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Attached is the latest OpenSDA CMSIS-DAP app from ARM.


It's built to run on top of the OpenSDA bootloader, so place your revision G Tower board (earlier versions not supported) in bootloader mode and drag and drop the attached onto the BOOTLOADER drive.


Power cycle the board and the new CMSIS-DAP app will be available for debug connection, improves stabilty and fixes a problem resulting in errors during large file transfers.


Currently there is no version control enabled on this or anyway to determine which version of CMSIS-DAP is runnig, ARM are aware of this and looking into ways of improving this.


I will arrange to update the download zip on later, expecting a new update and likely the final version before end of year, so this is to provide immediate access to this intermediate version with improved stabilty.



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