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MC9S08 GT60 CFB basic questions...

Discussion created by Eduardo Estigoni on Jul 30, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2007 by David Payne
Hi guys,

I've bought 2 boards from a vendor called DLP designs and they use freescale microcontrollers (MC9S08 GT60 CFB) and ZigBee transceivers (MC131193) on their boards.

As the boards don't do exactly what I want (sample the ADC @ 2000sps) I will need to write my own firmware on the microcontrollers.

Thus I have some questions:

1)  I would like to know wheter the datasheet for the MC9S08 GT60 CFB that I need is the same as the MC9S08 GT60 A. This was the only one I found so far...

2)  I have seen issues on this forum about problems using P&E multilink to program/gebug this microcontroller... I'm about to order a USB MULTILINK BDM and I would like to know if this is the right tool for programming debugging the MC9S08 GT60 CFB microcontroller.

3)  Still about this $99 kit:


It says it comes with Codewarrior and all the cables. However when I had a look at the "similar" product from P&E:


there is something about patches and stuff for making the multilink to work with Codewarrior... So, if I want to buy a programmer/debugger to work straight away with my MC9S08 GT60 CFB, I need the freescale original one, right? and just to make sure, when I buy this USB MULTILINK BDM (even from another distributor) does it come with the Codewarrior?

I think that's all so far...

Thanks in advance for your help,