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Helge Granberg, AN749, EB104, and the legacy of Freescale

Discussion created by Donna Vigneri Employee on Oct 2, 2013

It's the RF story no one else can tell.

And it all starts here.


Once upon a time, the Motorola RF Division, which once housed greats like Norman Dye and Helge Granberg, and Les Besser, and still houses marvels like design manager Warren B., spun off into a company called Freescale. Now one of the five main product groups at Freescale, RF is latching onto its heritage and thrusting forward into a world of hands-on RF customer support and documentation we haven't seen in our halls since Helge was around. I don't know about you - but I find this incredibly refreshing.


Like Helge Granberg's EB104 (the famous combined transistor amp) and AN749 (broadband impedance matching and transformers), our new wave of reference designs and articles are showcasing our transistor performance and sharing our engineering design skills, as well as assisting home brewers and radio amateurs in using our mostly commercialized products. You can already get our transistors piecemeal from suppliers like Digi-key, and download our printed circuit board designs in DXF format on, but now you can even chat one on one with ham radio experts at Freescale through a special public community forum, and order component sets of our best demonstration designs from Communications Concepts and


Stay tuned to hear about publications and developments as we head forward into the future and create the new legacy of Freescale. And as a bonus, I've attached those famous application notes for your enjoyment!



Donna KF7SJF