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ADC Stability

Question asked by Ali Asadzadeh on Sep 17, 2013


I have connected a 10K multi turn pot to FRDM-KL25Z platform, I'm using keil and tried this code to read the Pot voltage, But my readings are not stable enough, they will jump around 10% of the value, How can I achieve the 14.5 ENOB from the ADC?


Here is my main code


int analog_in; char txt_buff[20]; SystemCoreClockUpdate();                      /* Get Core Clock Frequency */ uart0_init(); ADC_Init(); Calibrate_ADC();  while(1) {   analog_in=0;   for(int i=0;i<16;i++)   {   analog_in+=adc_read(0);   }   analog_in=analog_in/16;   sprintf(txt_buff,"analog = %d\r\n",analog_in);   uart0_puts(txt_buff); }  


The code for ADC driver is attached,

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