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imx6q boot up failed with serial downloader mode or internal boot on new sabresd based custom board

Question asked by raymond wang on Sep 8, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2013 by raymond wang

Dear all, we design new iMX6Q board based on sabresd prototype. But we encountered boot up failure issue.


  1. MX6Q Design is based on MMPF0100F0+MX6Q ;
  2. All power rails are checked properly and as expected;
  3. 24MHz and 32kHz clock sources both work;
  4. BOOT_MODE1 and BOOT_MODE0 default is set at 10 which should be internal boot mode;


  Connect usb cable to PC ,since it's raw board it should populate USB HID device on PC. Unfortunately,we see nothing on PC;

  We tried to change BOOT_MODE cfg to 01 (serial downloader mode), Nothing happened on PC;

  We change BOOT_MODE cfg to 00 ,HID device populated on PC and MFG tool can flash eMMC device without error. But after resumed to 10 BOOT_MODE, my board can't boot up.


   My question is,Why in serial downloader or internal boot mode ,no HID device populated on PC;

   What other check list we missed? Please help!