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About USB power

Question asked by keisukewatanabe on Jul 29, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2013 by Petr Kubiznak

Dear support,


(The signal names are from the Vybrid reference circuit)

(Q1) We are planning to use USB0 as HOST mode only,

do we still need to connect USB0_VBUS power to USB0_VBUS_DETECT?


(Q2) There is a sample connection of switch J20 and J21 for HOST mode in the Reference circuit.

It seems to that USB0_VBUS is connected with P5V, which is always on.

Why this is not connected to the point after the over-current-detection IC (RefNo.U8)?

Note: In the power sequence of the datasheet, USB0_VBUS is supposed to be on

at the end of the sequence, but connecting P5V seems to violate the sequence.