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How to see the speed clock (Bus frequency) configuration in debug perspective for eclipse 10.2?

Question asked by orlandozapata on Jul 23, 2013
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I am using a MCU51QE128, and  I want know how to see the clock speed that was configurate in my MCU using codewarrior development studio - eclipse 10.2 in debug perspective, When I worked in codewarrior 6.3 I could see this speed clock in the command window when this was configured step by step . Somebody know How find this window or what should I do to see the speed clock confugured in my proyects using eclipse 10.2? I want to see something like the picture shows.


My Code:


void Config_Reloj(void){

ICSC1=4;                  //ajusta el reloj interno

ICSC2=0;                  //frecuencia de bus de 26´748.225hz



SOPT1=0X12;               //desactiva el reset



Thanks for your help and apologize for my english