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Bug report: MII speed in Processor Expert

Question asked by karadeniz on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by Vojtech Filip

I'm using Processor Expert Build: RT4_b1316-1577

bundled with CodeWarrior 10.4 Build Id:130425

Processor: MCF52235CAL60

Component: Init_FEC

My System Clock is 60MHz.

According to MCF52235 Reference Manual Table 18-19

in Settings -> Clock settings -> MII speed divisor I specified 13.

Now Settings -> Clock settings -> MII Clock frequency should be 2.5MHz, but it shows 1.1538


Description in PE states:

"Expected MII clock frequency (for information only). This item is influenced by the MII speed divisor property.

The value is calculated using the formula:

Clock frequency = Bus clock frequency * (1 / (MII speed divisor * 2))"


while in Reference Manual:

"If the system clock is 25 MHz, programming thisregister to 0x0000_0005 results in an EMDC frequency

of 25 MHz 1/ (5 2) = 2.5 MHz."



Is it bug or I misunderstanding something?