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imx6 GPU 2D/3D acceleration not working in Yocto qte-in-use-image

Question asked by 2gigeng on Jul 11, 2013
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The GPU 2D/3D acceleration is not working in the Yocto qte-in-use-image.  Looks like the "virtual/libgles2" and "-opengl es2 -openvg" are missing from imx6 in files qt4-embedded_4.8.4.bbappend and qt4-x11-free_4.8.4.bbappend, as shown below.


     DEPENDS_append_mx5 = " virtual/kernel virtual/libgles2"
     QT_GLFLAGS_mx5 = "-opengl es2 -openvg"
     QT_CONFIG_FLAGS_append_mx5 = " -I${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}/include/"


     DEPENDS_append_mx6 = " virtual/kernel"
     QT_CONFIG_FLAGS_append_mx6 = " -I${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}/include/"


Adding "virtual/libgles2" and "-opengl es2 -openvg" for the imx6 as below resulted in the attached build errors.


     DEPENDS_append_mx6 = " virtual/kernel virtual/libgles2"
     QT_GLFLAGS_mx6 = "-opengl es2 -openvg"
     QT_CONFIG_FLAGS_append_mx6 = " -I${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}/include/"


What is the correct way to enable GPU 2D/3D acceleration for imx6 in the Yocto qte-in-use-image?

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