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Anyone help me about USB HOST in I.MX283

Question asked by wu ke on Jul 3, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2013 by Yixing Kong
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    i am using FreeScale MQX3.7 ARM9 imx287evk in my project,but i had some difficulty in using the usb stack.

i want to write 1.7MBytes data to the 8GBytes memory stick, but it will go error while write a dozen times,in the

case of debugging, i get the return error code,USB_MASS_QUEUE_FULL,which in the file of usb_host_msd_bo.c,

and after this, detach and attach the usb flash disk again,i can't get the usb_attach_event or usb_deatch_event in

usb_host_driver call back function,i have no idea of the reason,so help me.


   Thanks and best regards!