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P4080 SEC4.0 Job Descriptor to copy random numbers to system RAM

Question asked by James Horton on Jun 18, 2013

I've tried several attempts to create a job desciptor for a Job Ring that would create 8 bytes of random data (via the RNG algorithm) and move it to system RAM. I keep getting errors. 


Attempt #1


header            B0800005

Seq Out PTR F8000008

RAM Addr      05008000

RNG Alg         82500000

MOVE             6A220008


Resulting Status Word (JD + Status)


50004000  --that's where I put the JD and the intput ring was pointing there ok

4000040B -- Somethings wrong with the RNG command?


Also the SSTA is a 00000401



Attempt #2

See attached file

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