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can't login into system

Question asked by caohaifeng on May 31, 2013


I have two questions when I built mini-profile.

Q1. can't login into system

I can't login into the system when I input "root" after starting kernel .It has no response. Why?

The log of start kernel is attached.


Q2. usb still have problm

USB_H1_VDDA33 & VDDA25 & USB_OTG_VDDA33 & VDDA25 are all correct. OTG is designed as dual role.

The problem is if I set USB_PWREN high level in static void __init mxc_board_init(void) function in bsp file,

the stage of start kernel will stop at mx5_usbh1_init() , and CPU seems shut down, the FAULT led light.

I really don't know how to solve it, it is weird.

Any reply will be appreciated.





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