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KL25Z not showing up device manager

Question asked by lander on May 15, 2013
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When I plugged in the board yesterday the FRDM-KL25Z driver showed up and the "OpenSDA - CDC Serial Port" was visual under Ports. I tried desperately to program the OpenSDA firmare by following the directions on this website, OpenSDA on the Freedom KL25Z Board | MCU on Eclipse but I still had no success. There was no green LED blink once I followed the BOOTLOADER directions and then taking away power and plugging it in again, resulting that under Jungo in my device manager, there was no PEMicro OpenSDA Debug Driver, only WinDriver.


Now, I'm facing the problem that the FRDM-KL25Z driver and the "OpenSDA - CDC Serial Port" no longer is popping up when I plug in my device. The device is still running it's demo with the RGB LED and such but the device is not being recognized.


I do not know why such a simple task is not working for me and I appreciate any advice.

Thank you.