how to operate timer/counter in MC9S12XEP100?

Discussion created by mucheollee on May 4, 2013
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hi, i'm a student in South, Korea and studying freescale with MC9s12XEP100,

actually, i would like to know how to use timer/counter in xep100 board.. i'm used to using atmega128, however, there's a few diffrence btw this..and that..


In atmega128 case, i do set some register (TCCR, TCNT, TIFR, TIMSK) to use timer/counter.. but i don't know what register goes to replace them (atmega128 register for counter)

basically i couldn't find any materials which described about xep100 info.. so that i finally wrote this contents.. to know...

plz let me know.. some details.. which register can i use for it.. i will really appreciate if i know about precious information...