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P2041 RDB to implement DPI, DPAA, and intrusion prevention

Question asked by corbysable on Apr 30, 2013
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I saw that this forum is for Reference design boards.

I am new to the P2041 processor and its programming.

I would like to use the P2041 RDB to implement DPI, DPAA, and intrusion prevention,  I looked at the Freescale documents pertaining to these features per the P4080 and P2041 since they have similar architectures.  I have some questions per my application:   I would like some assistance please.


I would like to send over a network video to and  from a central office to a remote location in a conference.


As I understand it, Deep Packet Inspection and Data Path Acceleration Architecture and Intrusion Prevention processors, i.e., P2041 and even the P4080 processor are installed at a Headend or central office.



Is it sufficient to install only DPI & DPAA & Intrusion inspection only at the headend?  Or does DPI and DPAA need to be installed with a P2041 at both the remote location and headend locations maximum security and monitoring?  Since video is transmitted to and from the headend and remote location?


If DPI, DPAA, Intrusion Prevention is installed at the headend only, how does the this headend know if there is any faults in DPI, DPAA, etc at a remote end?  How can the headend P2041 determine any faults?  Or is a P2041 required at both ends?


Thanks for you assistance.



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