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Imx53 boot problem on WEC7

Question asked by surjit kumar on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2013 by surjit kumar

     I downloaded the image of the WEC7 from adeneo link and tried to boot the QSB START-R board by following the steps given in “FREESCALE_iMX53_QSB_WEC7_user_guide_V131.pdf”.

I have tried to boot the Start-R board by image "........\iMX53QSB_WEC7_BIN_V131\image\START-R\VGAPanel" by using uSD card by using following commands


    cfimager -f D:\UPPSALA\WIN_BSP\iMX53QSB_WEC7_BIN_V131\image\START-R\VGAPanel\eboot.nb0 -d H -imx53

cfimager -f D:\UPPSALA\WIN_BSP\iMX53QSB_WEC7_BIN_V131\image\START-R\VGAPanel\nk.nb0 -d H -imx53 “


After this command if i insert uSD card in START-R board by connecting the power cable and VGA cable, nothing is visible on VGA.