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Video Streaming issues on i.MX6 Sabre Board

Question asked by Duong Hoang on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by Daiane Angolini
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I am working on i.MX6 Sabre Board for Smart Device, and have some problems with streaming videos using a HDMI monitor to display. I ported Android ICS successfully to this board using Freescale Android BSP and configure to display on a HDMI monitor. I use Ethernet Connection to connect i.MX6 Board to Ethernet network.


But when i stream 360p videos with multimedia apps such as MXPlayer, the videos display not smoothly on HDMI monitor, it stops 1 second after runnning about 5s. when i stream 1280p videos or 720p videos, the videos display very slowly on HDMI monitor. I do not know the reason.


Anyone can help me?