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Integration FocalTech Capacitive touch over imx6.

Question asked by Prasanna Kulkarni on Apr 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by varun jeevangoudar
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      We have integrated focaltech capacitive touch over imx6 platform, by default eGalax touch_screen was being used in imx6 plat, after integration of touch driver, it's started behaving like a mouse_touchpad, we had to hold it and drag to change the location, even to press any button we had click it twice, almost two days we had spent on this issue, we had doubted our driver, kept changing ""reporting_events" procedure in driver but it didnt work for us. finally tried to add idc file for our touch at location /system/usr/idc/  and just renamed eGalax_touch_screen.idc to ft5x0x_ts.idc and rebooted. it was fantastic, our touch started working..............:) developers have to mention such dependency, some platforms doesn't need such idc files. simply we will keep on changing driver........