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about how to install Freescale Multimedia Plugins

Question asked by andypeng on Apr 2, 2013
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In i.MX Linux Multimedia   Framework  User's Guide.pdf,follow:

Installing/Building the Plugins on Ubuntu 

1.1.3 BSP Requirements


1.1.4 Installing/Building the Plugins

This chapter describes how to build and generate debian packages on the i.MX series board


Following steps illustrate about on Ubuntu and also how

to build a Debian package from the source.

1. Prepare an i.MX6 board running Ubuntu OS(11.10 Oneiric)

2. Install BSP support libraries package, the package is released with BSP. (you need to

have the .deb file available to the board, a USB-Key or copying the file to the board in

some other way should be fine)

sudo dpkg -i imx-lib-$VERSION-$RELEASE.deb

sudo dpkg -i kernel_$VERSION-imx_$RELEASE_armel.deb

It is desired to install all other BSP Debian packages.

3. Obtain the following Debian binary packages, which are included in the Debian release.

(i.e. you can copy them to a USB-Key that will be connected to the board)

Some BSP related packages needed (repackage for avoid some toolchain compatibility issue)







Use dpkg command to install them:

sudo dpkg -i *.deb



The above steps in imx6 board completed very inconvenient, what method can use these *.deb files are installed on the virtual machine's ltib/rootfs/ directory?

thank you!