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How restart SPI interface in MCF52255/9

Question asked by Mirko Fortunato on Mar 21, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2013 by TomE

Good morning,

I have a problem in Ethernet connection that stops SPI communication.

I don't understad what tied these two interfaces because the stacks are OK, the tasks return "no error", so I don't know why when the Ethernet communication fails (EIR=0x07FFFFE4), the SPI communicatio will stop. Do you have any idea?


However I noted that the struct info of the SPI has strange values after the attempt of sending message: TX_IN=27, TX_OUT=28, RECEIVING=1, ONTHEWAY=1, RX_REQUEST=1. The register QAR=0x01.

I tried to reset the interface SPI by the command IO_IOCTL_SPI_DEVICE_DISABLE and then re-enabling the SPI with the command IO_IOCTL_SPI_DEVICE_ENABLE and setting: TX_IN=0, TX_OUT=0, RECEIVING=0, ONTHEWAY=0, RX_REQUEST=0, QAR=0x11.


After these actions the SPI doesn't restart. Why?

Which are the actions to reset and to restart the SPI interface?

Thank you

Best Regards