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i.mx53 color conversion API

Question asked by Patrick Oberthür on Feb 4, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by Patrick Oberthür
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Hei everyone,


the documentation to the gstreamer Plugin colorspace converter (mfw_ipucsc)  is really medium rare , my issue: Is there any chance, to get a RGB888 instead of this useless RGB565 16bit format through the hardware? Better would be an ARGB output in 32bit.

The gst-inspect only show's this one option and a single presentation sheet shows the 565 option.

Since i've to use an OV10360 Imager I've got only NV12 (or I420) raw data. I've need to use them as OpenGL texture data and therefore in real time RGB. Needless to say that the conversion shouldn't touch the processor.


Thank's a lot