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iMX6 - ltib, yocto, linaro ?

Question asked by Prasant J on Jan 30, 2013
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I have recently started working on the iMX6. As I understand that there are the following BSP options available:




my impressions about LTIB is:

- Uses old source code releases ( I build libXtst + LibXi old releases, new were not supported)

- builds for armv7 (soft float). Looks like one can build for had float

- xserver-xorg-video-imx-viv source included but I could not locate the package option in ltib configuration

- When I try to build using LTIB, some packages fail to build.

- Not updated frequently


-> YOCTO / Open-embedded


my impressions about yocto is:

- builds for armv7 (soft float). Can I build it for hard-float by changing compiler flags?

- updated / maintained frequently

- Does it use latest source code of the root file system packages?

- I have not tried to build it, not sure whether it builds successfully.




my impressions about linaro is:

- were releasing ubuntu root file system for imx6 till 12.04 release. They stopped releasing for iMX6 after that. (Anyone knows why?)

- ubuntu uses debian armel releases so built for armv5 (only soft float available)

- no hard float option available for Linaro - Am I right?



So what I understood is that, Yocto may be the best option among the above, considering the fact that it is updated/maintained regularly.


I would be glad if someone has other points to add or negate any of my above mentioned points.