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Question asked by EgleTeam on Jan 16, 2013
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We have custom modules based in i.MX287 in SODIMM200 form factor. In all our base boards we've used the following N mosfet to drive different ICs:


Now we've developed a new design placing all the hardware (processors + RAM + all components) in the same PCB. The problem we have is that with this board the GPIOs are not able to drive this mosfet. With a load  aprox. of 200mA when we try to turn on any mosfet the processor goes to reset or hang. It's as the PMU would stop working because the VDDIO rail is not able to drive the charge of the gate. We thought that in that case only the pin involved would be affected but is not the case....


We've tried to increase the value of the series resistor in the gate but in this case we can turn-on the mosfets right (processor also works right) but we can't turn-off them.


Does anyone know what is the max capacitance that the GPIOs can drive?