Submit i.MX53 & i.MX28 Linux kernel patches

Discussion created by grantw on Jan 11, 2013
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Dear i.MX Developers,


We have created a maintenance GIT branch for both MX28 EVK and MX53 QSB platforms. The branch can be found at this  location:


Branch name: imx_2.6.35_maintain


In the future we will be making bug fix/maintain releases for MX53QSB and MX28EVK platform from this branch.


Please submit any Linux kernel bug-fix patches that you might have to this discussion forum. Generate the patches against the imx_2.6.35_maintain branch, internally the Freescale BSP team will review these patches. Once approved for integration, your patches will be pushed to the above mentioned GIT repository branch.


Below are the steps to follow to submit your patches:


1.       Ensure you make your changes against the latest imx_2.6.35_maintain available at

2.       Include an appropriate subject and description for your patch. Subject should include the platform name and driver being fixed.

3.       Use the below command to submit your patch.

git send-email -1 --to --subject-prefix=PATCH



Below are some sample GIT config files to make sure your patch submission e-mails get accepted by the i.MX Community forum.


[A] For developers outside the Freescale network using gmail:

[xxxx]$ more ~/.gitconfig


    email = <user>

    name = <user name>


        smtpencryption = tls

        smtpserver =

        smtpuser = <user>

        smtppass = ********

        smtpserverport = 587


[B] For developers inside the Freescale network:

[xxxx]$ more ~/.gitconfig


    email = <core id>

    name = <user name>



        smtpserver =

        smtpserverport = 25



{Note: The e-mail & name should match what you used to register with}