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Question asked by Swapnil Katre on Dec 21, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2012 by Swapnil Katre

I am working on a simple TCP server where multiple client will connect to it. The requirement was server will have multiple port and on each port we will connect the client. so a dedicated connection will be establish.


Now the code i have written works fine. but when

/* Create a task to look after it */  

   if (RTCS_detachsock(child_sock) == RTCS_OK)


  result = _task_create(0, SERVER_C_TASK_0, child_sock);

  if (result == MQX_NULL_TASK_ID)



    shutdown(child_sock, FLAG_CLOSE_TX);

    printf("\nCould not create server child task.\n\r");





  printf("\n accept() failed, error 0x%lx", RTCS_geterror(child_sock));


on excecution of the underline statement. i see output on terminal:


I'm waiting for connections ...

Error, accept() failed with error code 1704

Error, getpeername() failed with error code 1704

Client 0 is already connected.


now i am not able to decode the error code 1704.

like what exactly it meant. and what action should i take to avoid it.