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MCIMX53-START-R board can't boot up

Question asked by cao ping on Oct 22, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2012 by cao ping

hello everyone!


    now i have two boards,they are both IMX53 quick starts board,one power chip is DA9053(1 GB DDR3/800) and the other is PC34708VM(1 GB DDR3/800 MXIMX53-START-R), when i download u-boot image using Mfgtools,the board with DA9053 power-chip works OK!but the other board with PC34708VM power-chip can't boot after the stage "Jumping to OS image" ,Mfgtools  stops, the error code is "-65534",

   And when  i set the two boards at Serial Downloader by linking pin11 of SW1 to pin10 of SW1, when i send 0x05 0x05,they both can response,and the value is the same!

   but i still can't boot the MXIMX53-START-R after i got u-boot.bin file from my supplier,who said the boot file is latest!  Before this,i put u-boot.bin at the location that u-boot-mx53-loco.bin located,and renamed the u-boot.bin for  u-boot-mx53-loco.bin