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Strange ram issue mc9s12x family

Question asked by ruby krishna on Sep 27, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2012 by kef

WE are using mc9s12xeq512 family. Currently our ram size 32kb.


consider a local variable which is in stack I.e non paged ram ( ram fe, Ram FF) multiplied with another global  variable in paged ram I.e ram FD. I'm didnt faced any issues and the operation was proper.

when the same local variable in stack (non paged ram) multiplied with variable placed in ram FC (paged ram). Multiplication done by micro controller is not proper.





Header 1Header 2
ram  fa
RAm fb
RAm fc
RAm fdPAgeD ram
RAm feNOn pageD ram
RAm ffNOn  paged ram




this is a strange problem. is there any limitations on ram jumping in Freescale micro controller...?


uninitialised global variables is shows as .bss in  non paged ram and when the same global variable is placed in non paged ram why .bss doesn't picture.?