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USB dongle driver for Windows 7

Question asked by mitch_thom on Sep 24, 2012
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i'm currently trying to register CW, and would like to use a usb dongle as license ID.


I followed the instruction from the FAQ (Licensing and Registration FAQ), explaining how to install FLEXlm and USB Dongle Driver, which i downloaded from the following page: USB Dongle Drivers.


Thus, i'm using a computer that is running Windows 7, 32bits. It seems that the USB dongle driver available on the FSL web page is for Windows XP only.

The chapter "Updates and Patches" is empty, so there is no other version of the driver. I've tried to use it, but the LMtools lives the FLEXID field empty. It's exactly like there is no USB dongle...


Does anyone knows how to get the correct version of the USB dongle driver?


Thanks in advance,