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CW10.2, K20 debugger, how to set tooltip format type

Question asked by Robert Lewis on Sep 21, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2012 by tom_thompson

Is there anyway to set the format of the data variables displayed in tootips (if that is even what it is called)? For variables that are on the stack, hovering over the variable shows the value in the tooltip but that is set to automatic right now, and I get some foreign character. I just want to see the hex value. I have searched all through the doc set forums and don't see how to do this. It was easy under cw6.3, rt click, pick the format. Now rt click yields a massive set of useless irrelavent options many of which are not installed or do not work.


I appoligize if this is not the correct forum, this is as close as I could find.