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rs2101 and access point "transmit beamforming"

Discussion created by Jari Vanhakylä on Sep 21, 2012
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It seems RedPine wireless module rs2101 is not working correctly when transmit beamforming is enabled in wifi access point.

This issue appeared with HP ProCurve MSM460 access point. Packets seem to be received very unreliable. Pinging the client shows that 2/3 of packets are lost on average. When beamforming is disabled, everything works fine.


According to HP's help:

Beamforming only works with wireless clients that are configured to support it.

--> So, does this mean that rs2101 reports it does support it and that's why access point uses beamforming for this client?

--> Can support for beamforming be disabled in code?

--> Does someone know, if there are options in rtcs or redpine driver to make the module work with beamforming?