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SABRE iMX53 WinCE7 camera

Question asked by rajeshg on Sep 14, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2014 by Yixing Kong

Hi I am trying to get the camera output into the encoder (VPU). And I am having a few issues, can you please help me with these?


1. CSPROPERTY_TYPE_GET on CSPROPERTY_CONNECTION_ALLOCATORFRAMING returns 1 for RequirementsFlags which means that the driver will allocate and maintain the buffers. Is there a way to have client control the buffers? I see iMX27 implementation supports IOCTL_SET_DIRECT_CAPTURE_MODE command. which is not available in Camera.h for iMX53.


2. When I try to read the data ranges for all the pins (PREVIEW, CAPTURE and STILL) the following are the formats supported for each pin

          PREVIEW - RGB and YV12

          CAPTURE - UYVY

          STILL - RGB


But the document says Capture supports UYVY, YV12 and NV12, but thats not what is returned.

I dont see NV12 for any pin.


Can you please help me with these two issues?

Also, Is there a documentation on Camera APIs and VPU APIs ?