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first bootlet failure: power_prep on a customized imx28 board

Question asked by christianvieira1z on Jul 25, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2012 by Ram Ramasamy

We are a brazilian cia developing a new electronic payment system based on iMX28 processor. In our current custom board called, we has faced a problem into first stage of bootlet called power_prep. The message send to the debug serial is show above as reference:

PowerPrep start initialize power...
Battery Voltage = 3.95V
5v source detected.Valid battery voltage detected.Booting from battery voltage

At this point, the processor reset and automatically restart, showing the same
message again and again.

Our schematic was based into the i.MX28 EVK PCB REV D and all voltages values would be seen ok when matched with freescale evaluation board.

Anyone has faced any similar problem?

Thanks in advance,

Christian Vieira