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Distribution of Interniche-NicheLite and FSL code

Discussion created by Alban Rampon Employee on Jun 13, 2007
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I'm sorry Paul, but I'll need a bit of education...
I imagine we could probably get something set up like a BugZilla or SourceForge.
But as I was flagged a license trouble, I imagine Interniche/Nichlite are not GNU/Freeware/GPL ?

I don't work with the series of products and am not familiar with their tools.
Do you have a link defining what Interniche/Nichelite are, and who they are from ?

Once I have a better idea of what they are, we can discuss about ways to distribute via FSL website.
For instance, we could create a board in the Community Projects or use Community Files.
Community Files are FSL moderated and we can add a license easily if needed but takes time to publish as you need manual intervention from a FSL employee to post the file.
Community Projects could be nice also but depends on the product and support available.