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Which binary images for MX53QSB (DA9052 version)?

Discussion created by Wolfgang Wegner on May 30, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2012 by Vic civ

Hi all,

please don't flame me, I think I must be missing the forest for the trees, but could not find any thread for this yet.

I am trying to get a very easy set-up for the MX53QSB or similar platform to allow others starting to play with it without having to fiddle around with LTIB. So I thought, just using a binary image of Ubuntu or Android would be the way to go - but I can't get any of them to run, let alone run stable.

I tried:

- Ubuntu lucid supplied with MX53QSB (or maybe Rita board?): it runs, but is unstable in terms of video player and display output (HDMI - as soon as I start any application, the screen starts to flicker and/or turns black completely)

- Ubuntu from Freescale web site (MCIM535-START-UBUNTU-1109-Demo-Image): no HDMI output

- Ubuntu precise pangolin (link posted some time ago here on the board, but I don't find it right now): takes ages to boot, sometimes does not boot at all, crashes frequently, could not yet try video playback

- Android from Freescale web site (imx-android-r10.4_bundle_BSP): does not boot correctly, U-Boot can not communicate via I2C - maybe not suitable for QSB at all?

- Android from Adeneo (FSL-iMX53-QSB-DROID_adeneo_android_iMX53_r42): starts, seems stable (reproducible startup), but the launcher crashes ("com.android.launcher terminated unexpectedly" or something)

Did I try the wrong images? Is there any other version of files I should try? I cannot imagine I am the only one having such problems or wanting to use binary images? I tried two different boards, and both of them run fine with the minimal root fs from Freescale or my own images produced with LTIB, so I think I can rule out hardware problems.

Any success stories are welcome! :-)

Best regards, Wolfgang