rajaram bhaskaran

how to do hardware overlaying in i.mx51?

Discussion created by rajaram bhaskaran on May 3, 2012

hi to all,


i plan to implement hardware overlaying in i.mx51 where two to three planes in single LCD screen and am using LTIB ( linux kernel - 2.6.35) latest. as i'm new to concept, please help anyone have tried it before. when i google i got information like overlaying implemented in omap35 boards like setting video ram like


vram = 10 M and omapfb.vram =0,5M 1,5M.. so that /dev/fb0 using 5M and /dev/fb1 using 5M and in i.mx51 using only /dev/fb0 and give me suggestion how to use framebuffer /dev/fb1 and how to split the screens using video ram concept and how to add it in boot arguments??


thanks in advance,