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CodeWarrior could not connect to DEMO9S08AW60E eval board

Question asked by Elmo Perez on May 22, 2007
Latest reply on May 22, 2007 by Tom Thompson
 On codeWarrior ICD Connection Assistant Window,
    - it does not connect after clicking the "Connect" button
    - the following are displayed:
         Interface: USB HCS08/HCS12 Multilink-USB Port
         Port: Undetected. Disconnect/Connect USB Cable. Click Refresh List.
      It is still the same even after disconnecting/connecting the USB Cable.
      I changed the Interface drop-down to COM but it still don't connect.
 I've read similar cases on other threads but some of the links were already deleted.
 I need help.
I did the following:
   1) installed CodeWarrior for HC(S)08 v5.1 (Special Edition)
       (PC OS: Windows XP)
   2) connected DEMO9S08AW60E eval board to PC using the USB cable
       that came along with the package (USB 2.0 A-M to B-M black ROHS)
        - status baloon indicated new hardware detected
   3) installed the drivers from CD
        - new device named "Jungo" (under it, USB Multilink 2.0) appeared on the
           listing in device manager.
        - Eval board's LED's lighted as indicated on the Quick Start Guide
   4) connected the PC and eval board using serial cable via COM port and set up
      HyperTerminal Window as indicated on the Quick Start Guide
   5) Run CodeWarrior IDE and opened the sample project (DEMO9S08AW60_APP)
   6) Press F5
       - the ICD Connection Assistant appear

Another Problem:
CodeWarrior for HC(S)08 v5.1 (Special Edition) cannot be installed on our Desktop PCs
even if we use administrator accounts.
All desktop PCs OS is Windows XP Professional.