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i.MX53 user buttons trigger when touched and board ungrounded

Discussion created by Simonas L. on Feb 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2012 by Bhavana Bhavana

Dear all,


When I operate i.MX53 stand-alone -- only with LCD via touch-screen, have only power supply  connected and no other peripherals attached, -- boards suffers from poor grounding, by exposing hectic USER1+2 button activity:

Whenever I touch any of those buttons (no press-action involved), it starts sending pressed events at an extremely fast rate (potentially halting the running OS).

Whenever I attach a well-grounded cable (USB/µUSB, serial, VGA), this behaviour goes away.

The board is intended to be used as stand-alone, without any wires supplied and no possibility to ground it - how could the button behaviour be fixed? Soldering a capacitor did not help (it then nearly completely disabled buttons sending any action when pressed)


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