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NAND device unrecognized with an Update Error 0xffffffea(-22)

Question asked by Rohan Singh on Feb 13, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2012 by Augusto Lanari


I am trying to use MfgTool to flash Linux image to the NAND and boot from NAND on IMX28 EVK board. But the process halts and does not respond after throwing an error Updater Error 0xffffffea (-22) - , attached is a log of events. Which shows that NAND device is not recognized and the process could not proceed further. I am using Micron’s 29F2G08ABAEA WP chip as NAND device, attached is the data sheet for the same.

My question is, how can I update the Mfgtool / files to be able to detect my NAND device and flash it. What are the changes I need to make and how can I build it. Any resources/guidance would greatly help me.

Say that if somehow I was able to flash the Linux image to the NAND device, then what are the chances that my NAND device would be detected by the Imx28 on chip ROM boot code and would be able to boot from the NAND device (provided the boot settings are set to boot from NAND). Is there any way to tell the on chip ROM boot code to detect my NAND device. Is the boot code in internal ROM capable of reading from any NAND device or only specific NAND devices.

Request you to please provide your inputs on the above queries.