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HC12x, codewarrior 4.5

Discussion created by Ashwini Shetty on Apr 3, 2007
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hi all ,
i am sending data over sci to controller , after rxing data on to buffer of some 100 bytes, i start to prase the xml data which i get. for this purpose i am using an xml tool which parses the xml data (schema ) and puts into a structure.this generates few .c and .h files which is compatible with ANSI-C complier.
but when i use this tool with codewarrior its not compatible with our controller libraries(hcs12x) . it this codewarrir incompatiblity or the xml tool.but if any xml tool is there pls suggest which is compatible with codewarrior.
for eg:
xml file wud be:
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
-<trans InitCnt="1">