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Qt application freeze randomly

Discussion created by Dario Costa on Oct 28, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2011 by Dario Costa
Hi all, I have an application created for a GUI interface with an iMX28 and a 7" TFT. This application communicate via serial port to a CPU that send command for to design the GUI. The serial is configured to 230400 baud, 8n2  CPU send command -> A signal fire the slot that parse the message -> the graphic engine is called for manage the graphic -> at the end another signal is called to fire a slot that send the ack to the CPU.  This occur each message. Randomly, after 1000, 5000 and even after 100000 commands, the application freeze with no reason, without send on the debug console messages.  The debug console is still alive, I can send command to kill the process, so is not a system problem.  What I can check?  Thank a lot Dario