DDR2 Differential vs Single-Ended...

Discussion created by MIKE PETERSEN on Sep 9, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2012 by Martin Howell

We have been running into intermittent freezing/rebooting issues on some of our beta systems.  Implementation of the PLL patch has resolved a couple and dramatically improved others.  However an issue remains.  From the prevailing evidence it is most DDR related.


Apparently many are having better luck with single-ended operation.


How many of you are operating cleanly in Differential mode and how many in Single-ended mode?

This unofficial survey should help us all determine best memory architecture.


Our platform is heavily based on the MX51EVK (running Android R9.2) using Micron DDR2 memory (identical or better to the Elpida on the EVK).  If anyone has seen improved operation in single-ended mode and would care to share the modified "flash_header.S" file that would be most appreciated.


Thanks All!


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