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LCD blinking/glitches on startup

Discussion created by Matt Matt on Aug 16, 2011
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Hi all,


I have a few questions about the LCD and startup...


1)  Why does the LCD driver get loaded twice?


2)  What causes the LCD to flash a few times while the kernel loads?  We scoped this out and found it to be an issue with the data lines going to the LCD (the dot clock ran fine, but the data lines have a glitch).


This is what the power-up sequence looks like...


- Screen flashes white, then displays our splashscreen (we replaced Tux with a custom full screen graphic.  The flash seems to be due to the double init of the driver)

- 4 seconds or so later, the screen blinks twice real quick (the blinks seem to be data line issues)

- A second or so later, the screen blinks twice real quick

- Another second, and the screen blinks once


I have tried to search, but cannot find any results :(


Thanks for any help!


- Matt