Poornima Deepika Bitra

Flash programming with coldfire

Discussion created by Poornima Deepika Bitra on Feb 11, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2007 by Wendi Whitcomb
I am using MCF5485 with coldfire development kit to build an application.
My program is downloaded to RAM by default when I use BDM and is working fine.
I wish to download it to flash using the flash programmer tool given with the freescale codewarrior IDE.
1. I built the application giving the target name as "M5485 ROM". A memory file called "M5484EVB_ROM.elf.xMAP" is created. It shows that my code starts at FE001BF8 which is a boot flash location. Should'nt this show one of the code flash locations?
2. I am using flash programmer to write the code to the flash. I selected the Flash Memory Base Address as 0x40000000 as shown by my memory configuration file for the code flash's base address.When I try to erase a sector of flash memory, the status shown is "Erase succeeded", but the blank check returns an error: Blank Check failed and the details button says "no error". I proceeded to program /verify and tried to program, which says 0 bytes programmed.
Am I missing something to setup for writing to flash?