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Free Eclipse IDE and GNU toolchain for ColdFire (Set up instructions and example for 5282)

Discussion created by Paul McConkey on Feb 2, 2007
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Hi all,
I have eventually written up the instructions for setting up a complete C/C++ development system for Coldfire, using the Eclipse IDE, GNU toolchain and SubVersion for source control. All of the software is open source and can be downloaded for free (links are provided).
If you have a P&E Micro BDM cable, you also get integrated visual debugging with GDB.
There is no 'Managed Make' plugin, so you have to roll your own makefiles. I have created a hello_world application that can be used as a starting point. If you aren't willing or able to learn GNU Make (it is very complicated) then I suggest you look at commercial packages based on Eclipse that come with a 'Managed Make' plugin in - available from many suppliers of commercial tools for ColdFire.
Eclipse is a superb IDE that is supported with hundreds of free and commercial plugins for all sorts of development tasks. It is probably the best I have used in 20 years of professional programming! When you combine it with source control issue tracking and an integrated serial terminal (all available for free!!) you have a top quality professional developemnt environment.
This has all been written from the point of view of setting up a development environment for the 5282, hosted on a Windows platform. I'm sure that much of the instructions can be adapted for Linux but don't ask me for help with Linux because I don't use it! It should be very easy to adapt the set up for other ColdFire/68K CPUs.
There is a PDF and HTML instructions hosted on my company's website:

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