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refactoring and intellisense

Question asked by Shawn Ricker on Jan 25, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2007 by Shawn Ricker
Using CW4.6 for HC(S)12 Pro on WinXP Pro
Previously I have used Slickedit with a command line c compiler. Slickedit has refactoring features, intellisense and will display detailed function prototypes and function descriptions. I have also used ReSharper plug-in with MSVS. ReSharper in the hands of a compentent user is incredibly productive. Without getting into the discussion about what IDE's should and should not do, what can I do to have these tools with CW? After I'm done with processor expert I wouldn't mind generating a makefile for a project and using Slickedit. Is this possible?