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i.MX23 PXP programming for screen rotation

Discussion created by Yasemin YILMAZ on Mar 1, 2011

Hi all,


I try setting the screen orientation as portrait mode on i.MX23 EVK Windows Embedded CE 6.0. How can I succeed that Windows CE boots correctly on the portrait orientation mode?


I have modified the Angle key value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GDI\ROTATION\ (90). The screen rotated but the bottom side of the screen remains black. Where does the problem arise from?


So I've decided the programming PXP directly through it's programmable registers. But I'm confused with it's driver source code. I can't know where I should change and which order?


I've added a method to PxpClass.cpp as below and called with an IOCTL through an application but the screen has not rotated.


void PxpClass::PxpCustomOperation()
    HW_PXP_S0SCALE_MX23_WR(0x20002000);    // 1/2 downscale image
     HW_PXP_CTRL_SET((1 << 8) | (3 << 0)); // ROTATE, ENABLE, IRQ ENABLE


Is there anybody encountered with such problem?


Thanks a lot for your clarification and helps,


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