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communication problem in debugging M68EVB9S12C32

Discussion created by Xiaojun Wu on Dec 21, 2006
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I just start to use the M68EVB9S12C32 evaluation board from Axiom, yet got stuck at the very beginning. Following the manual of this evaluation board, I built a empty test project via the wizard of CodeWarrior for HC12 (4.5). After connecting the SCI port with COM1 using the provided cable, and power on the target board, I tried to enter debug, but after the progress bar displays "erased flash",..., "executing xxx.cmd ", a connection error appears showing "the target does not respond to communication request", and the progress bar is located behind this message area; please refer to the attached screenshot of this error message. If  the  EVB board is powered off, and do the debug again, the same error message appears but the progress bar doesn't.
I then tried the companion HCS Serial Monitor Interface(a Visual Basic soft), the target board can be initialized successfully, and response is also received from the target!
Anybody can give suggestions?
What follows are some details of the settings.
The project is set to serial monitor mode, and main.c file contains only the following two lines:
        for( ; ; ) {}
The jumpers are set as follows:

       >-CTS_EN -> open

       >-RTS_EN -> open

       >-RX_EN -> close

       >-ROM_EN -> GND

       >-MODC -> +5V

       >-MODB -> GND

       >-MODA -> GND

        >-OSC_SEL2 -> EXTERNAL

       >-OSC_SEL1 -> EXT_CLOCK

       >-SW1_EN -> closed

       >-LED_EN -> close

       >-CAN_RXEN -> open

       >-CAN_TXEN -> open

       >SW7 switch -> OFF

Different baud rates are tried, like 115200, 9600, 192000, etc., but without effect.

I also tested under the original CodeWarrior 3.0 and installed the service pack, the debugger hangs for a long time then gives HI-WAVE error "target not ready or not connected on COM1".

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