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Etherner Driver on MCF52235

Discussion created by ricardo ricardo on Dec 13, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2007 by John Ulyate
Hi People
I cannot send a basic ARP packet from my 52233 EVBoard.
Well, in fact I migrated my NE64 stack to ColdFire, and such driver was working perfect in NE64.
Of course NE64 has simpler structure FEC device.
The top point of my doubt is the fact I can see the descriptor ring filled with the Ready bit (tx) status + TC + L , data buffers address, etc etc, . but is keeps it forever, I mean the R bit should be cleared by the FEC after consumes this tx buffer (after setting the descriptor active bit ..)
I took a look in the ColdFire Book pg 253 and Internichie stack to compare their approachs to the mine and I didn´t see notihing special.
I also tried the CFinit, but I didn´t have success.
I aligned the data buffers and ring pointers as specified, but ...
Does any know if there is a kind of special *trick* (possible bug?) in this sense, once this chip is pretty new?
.. like..is there a very restrict sequence to initizalize something (MAC / PHY / rings desc. etc..) ?
or read before write some register?
I suspect the dualport RAM funcionality was failing but I could check its value and I understood is ok.
Some values / address of my design
Flash Address = 0x0000_0000
RAM address = 0x2000_0000
RAMBAR = 0x2000_0201
SCM_RAMBAR = 2000_0200  (IPSBAR+8 content)
Thanks !!!